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Public embrace of natural hair offers new twist on civil rights

Celebrations, like SOulFully Textured on Martha’s Vineyard, capture the beauty and the belonging that is Black hair.

Should Black Hair Braiders Be Licensed Professionals?

"Black hair was regulated by slave masters who shaved the hair of enslaved people of African descent as a means of control and punishment," said Jasmine Cobb, African American Studies professor at Duke University and Author of "The Art and Texture of Black Hair After Emancipation. "We also see in U.S. law, legislators dictating cutting black hair close to the scalp as a means of control and that identifying enslaved people from free people."

Introducing Black Hair Defined

“When we talk about Black aesthetics, we’re usually talking about the production of art, literature, theater and these sorts of things,” Duke University historian Jasmine Cobb told HuffPost.

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